Dodi was what Duncan called a Parasite-infected Dodo he and Tom stole from an Anomaly site.


Episode 1.4

This Dodo and four others travelled to a London football stadium in the present via a Spaghetti Junction. While the other four Dodos were round up by the Home Office team, this Dodo (after swallowing a transmitter on Connor Temple's bag disguised as a Roswell alien keyring) left the stadium and went out into the stadium's car park, where he was found by Tom and Duncan.

Tom and Duncan named the Dodo Dodi, and, upon recognising that he was a Dodo, came to believe that the Home Office was cloning Dodos and took Dodi in their van back to their flat. There, Dodi started to become increasingly aggressive due to the Parasite's influence; ripping Duncan's MP3, becoming angry at Duncan when the latter took the TV remote from him, destroying the TV when he was startled by a dinosaur film on it, and biting Tom and infecting him with the Parasite.

1x4 Dodo 87

Dodi biting on a TV remote. (Episode 1.4)

Eventually, due to Dodi's increasing aggression, Duncan locked him in a bedroom. Later, when Duncan went into his room to try and calm Dodi down, the Dodo attacked him and tried to break out of the room. Dodi was subsequently left in Duncan's bedroom, where he eventually died from the Parasite.

The Home Office team later recovered Dodi's body, and Abby Maitland took it to the Central Metropolitan University for a post-mortem. Tom and Abby later took Dodi's body back to the football stadium with them.

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