The Honda CRF 150R is a 149cc dirtbike, mainly used for recreational purposes. It is produced by Honda Powersports, based in Japan. Two kids in the Castle Cross Shopping Mall car park used them, but Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart borrowed them to chase a dinosaur.

Usage in Primeval

  • At the Castle Cross Shopping Centre, four kids stayed after in the car park, messing around on their dirtbikes. When a raptor entered the car park, Stephen Hart and Nick Cutter borrowed the kids' bikes and enticed the raptor to chase them. After a fairly lengthy chase through the car park, they entered the mall. Both Hart and Cutter had to stop to make sure they still had the raptor's attention, and when Cutter attempted to get going again, the bike stalled. With difficulty, Cutter restarted the bike, and the raptor followed in close pursuit. The two men ended up ditching the bikes to escape the raptor in an elevator (Episode 2.1).

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