Dina was mother of Jake.


One day Dina and her son were stuck in traffic on the M25 while they were on their way to pick her husband up from an airport. The cause of the traffic jam was revealed to be a rogue Columbian Mammoth and other motorists fled but before Jake and Dina could do the same, the elephant stomped on their car, trapping Dina under the steering column and knocking her unconscious. Ed noticed them and offered to help but was killed by the mammoth, scaring Jake and Dina. The latter panicked and sounded her car horn scaring the mammoth. Connor Temple arranged for a message to be sent through an electronic motorway screen saying "SHUT UP!" but Dina still panicked.

Eventually the Anomaly Research Centre team decided to approach the car despite the danger of the mammoth; Abby Maitland and Connor took Jake away from the car to be safe, as Nick Cutter helped Dina lift the steering column off her leg. The mammoth herd Dina's cries of pain and lifted the car in the air with its tusks before stomping on it nearly crushing Nick and Dina but was lured away by Jake using a truck's horn. Nick and Dina escaped and he sent her down the road to be safe and find Jenny Lewis for debriefing.

As Dina was being treated in an ambulance, Mick Harper from the Evening News tried interviewing her about the mammoth (which she thought was a large elephant) before Jenny shooed him away. The ARC team brought Jake to safety and reunited her with Dina. (Episode 2.6)

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