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The digital imagery pendant was a piece of technology from the future which could create a holographic mask over its user's face.


The pendant was an one inch tall silver tube attached to a necklace. The tube was corrugated lengthways with an orange diode inside of it. On the bottom of the pendant was a button. When activated, the pendant could project a digital-like mask over its wearer's face. If the button was pushed, the diode inside would start to flicker with orange light (presumably to keep the mask active). A user appeared to be able to deactivate the mask without touching it.

The pendant was not completely reliable - the digital mask could momentarily flicker and show the user's eyes.


At some point, Helen Cutter obtained the pendant from the future, disguise herself as another woman whom she identified as 'Eve'. She would then contact you every week and give you a task or information. (Primeval Evolved Intro, Week 1 - Week 7)


Helen disguised as a woman known as 'Eve' (Primeval Evolved)

Episode 3.8

While disguised in the future, Helen was caught by Captain Wilder who took her back his headquarters in 2009. All of her belonging were taken except the pendant which Wilder did not relise was technology.

Episode 3.9

Helen, still disgused, was interogated by Christine Johnson but later escaped and made her way to the Anomaly Research Centre. The pendant's mask momentarily flickered revealing her eyes, which made Abby Maitland suspicious of Eve. Suddenly, Helen took Christine hostage and deactivated the pendant, revealing her true face.

At some point, Helen stopped wearing the pendant. (Episode 3.10)


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