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Didelphodon was a marsupial from the Late Cretaceous, which was thought to be the biggest marsupial on Earth in its time.

Incursions and encounters

A Didelphodon was captured by the Tunguskan research team, and taken to a building in their camp where live specimens were kept. The mammal was described as a hairy badger-like marsupial. The Russian team tame the Didelphodon and feed it on insects, as it was crunching on live locusts. Some Didelphodons were later seen feeding on a carcass of an Anatotitan. The captured mammal is presumably still being kept by the research team. (Extinction Event)

Real life

Didelphodon (name meaning "two womb tooth") was a marsupial genus which lived from 73 to 66 million years ago in North America. Fossil evidence suggests Didelphodon was the biggest marsupial on Earth in its time, but was a small aquatic predator, perhaps filling the niche that otters do today.

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