« "Its pretty obvious that she killed her boyfriend but we don't know what she did with the body. Just keeps babbling on about monsters and sea serpents." »
— The Detective Inspector wrongly accusing Diane[src]

Diane Johnson was the girlfriend of Anthony Barton.


Episode 1.3

One night, Diane and Anthony were swimming at the Crystal Palace Diving Institute together, but while Diane temporarily left the swimming pool to dry her hair, Anthony was eaten by a Mosasaur in the pool. Diane subsequently returned to the pool to find Anthony gone, but saw the Mosasaur and was left spooked and traumatised.

When the police investigated the next day, the lead detective inspector became convinced that Diane had murdered Anthony, and the police subsequently arrested and charged the traumatised Diane. Despite Claudia Brown insistence; James Lester refused to get the charges against Diane dropped so that she couldn't expose the Anomalies to the wider public while in jail, but promised to get her released once the Mosasaur incursion was over.

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