Dr. Darius Jardine was a scientist and zoologist or biologist working for Project Magnet, whose objective was to collect specimens from the past via Anomalies for Project Magnet.


The Sound of Thunder: Part 1

After Project Magnet secured an Anomaly at Britannia Beach, Dr. Jardine and two other scientists tried to get a corporal to allow them access to the Anomaly so they could go through to collect specimens. However, Lieutenant Ken Leeds used the mission to save Toby Nance from Brontoscorpio poisoning to stop Dr. Jardine from getting access to the Anomaly.

The Sound of Thunder: Part 2

After Project Magnet tranquilised and captured an Albertosaurus through the Britannia Beach Anomaly, Dr. Jardine was confident and insistent that the tranquilisers used would be powerful enough to keep it unconscious and that he and Project Magnet could keep the situation under control. However, Dylan Weir argued over this with Dr. Jardine, until Jardine tired of Dylan's argument and insistence. A short time later, the Albertosaurus did indeed awake and break free as Dylan had warned Dr. Jardine.


Like Colonel Henderson Hall, Dr. Jardine was arrogant and overconfident in his and Project Magnet's supposed knowledge and ability to effectively control the Anomaly and creature incursions, repeatedly ignoring warnings and advice from more experienced members of the Anomaly operation on flaws in Jardine's methods. Similarly to Colonel Hall, Dr. Jardine also lacked respect for civilian and non-military members of the Anomaly operation, and biasedly viewed himself and Project Magnet as more effective than them at the operation.

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