The Cretaceous desert was a desert in the Cretaceous period. It comprised of loose rock hills with some shrubs, a sand plain and a volcano.


Episode 2.1

An Anomaly to Castle Cross Shopping Centre in the Present opened in the desert, and two adults and one baby Raptor went through to the shopping mall.

Nick Cutter returned the adult Raptors through the Anomaly into the Cretaceous desert by himself, for the sole reason of travelling through different Anomalies from there to restore the original timeline and get Claudia Brown back. Stephen Hart saw through Nick's plan and followed him through the Anomaly into the desert, and convinced him to return to the present day.

When the Anomaly began to close, Cutter and Stephen made a run across the desert to it, but were pursued by one of the adult Raptors when the creatures awoke. As Cutter and Stephen escaped back through the Anomaly, the Raptor tried to drag Stephen back through into the Cretaceous desert, but was decapitated and killed when the Anomaly closed on its neck.

Episode 2.2

At one point in time, Helen Cutter was also in this desert, where she was attacked and injured by Pteranodon after she tried to steal one of its eggs for food, forcing her to go to the present to seek medical aid.