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Cretaceous beach
1x3 CretaceousBeach
Geographical information
Location Unknown (possibly Kansas)
Anomalies Crystal Palace Diving Institute - reservoir - Dexter house cellar - Cretaceous beach Anomaly
Production information
Filming location La Palma, Canary Islands
Appearances Episode 1.3
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The Cretaceous beach was a shoreline in the Cretaceous period to an ocean, and was the location of a rookery of Hesperornis and was near an Anomaly in the sea.


Episode 1.3

An underwater Anomaly to the present opened in a bay near the Cretaceous beach three times; the first two times, a small Mosasaur went through to the present before returning through to the Cretaceous before the Anomaly closed again. Helen Cutter also came to the Cretaceous shoreline on her travels through the Anomalies, and when she found a dead Special Forces diver, she sent the body back through the Anomaly to the present the third time it was open, with a message to the Home Office Anomaly research team.

1x3 Hesperornis 26

The lagoon Helen was swimming in.

Nick Cutter subsequently went through the Anomaly to the Cretaceous beach, and met up with Helen, who had been skinny dipping in a nearby lagoon where she saw Nick. He tried desperately to try and get her to come through back to the present with him; but when Cutter saw how Helen had changed on her travels through the Anomalies, he went back into the bay to return through the Anomaly to the present on his own. In the bay, the small Mosasaur attacked Cutter and almost caused him to drown, but the creature was killed and cannibalised by a larger Mosasaur, and Cutter was subsequently pulled by tether back through the Anomaly.

Shortly afterwards, a team of Special Forces divers went through the Anomaly to the Cretaceous beach, and captured Helen and forcefully brought her back through the Anomaly to the present.


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