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Connor looks on (Episode 4.2) is one of several websites showing sightings of creatures in anomaly incursions, one of the incursions it reported was a Gorgonopsid in Greenwich said to be a mutant lion. While staying in Jess' Flat after spending a year in the Cretaceous and being fired from the ARC, Connor Temple browsed this website, and discovered his old friend Duncan. (Episode 4.2)

Behind the Scenes

After Episode 4.2 aired on ITV1, one of the Primeval ARCadians' admins checked to see if the creature sighting websites Connor Temple viewed while using the computer at Jess' Flat were registered domains; they were not already registered, so she registered them to redirect to the Primeval ARCadians page.

If one were to notice the background of Duncan's profile picture, the picture was taken in the container yard. It is possible he took it while searching for the Kaprosuchus.

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