A costume designer is a crew member whose responsibility is to design costumes for an series/episode. The costume supervisor, assistants and trainees are resposible for getting the cast into their costumes and are usually called the Wardrobe department or Wardrobe.

Costume Designers Supervisors Assistants
Series 1 Joey Attawia Graham Meethoo Agee Johnson
Rebecca Trippick
Series 2 Jacky Levy Sarah Sheehan Lorraine Boyle
Sarah Bucklan
Series 3 Joe Hobbs Kevin Pratten Vicki-Anne Hales
Series 4,
Series 5
Gaby Rooney Jess O'Leary Tatjana Zemcugova
Neil Crawford (Series 4 trainee)
Jen Copeland (Series 5 trainee)

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