Corythosaurus was a duck-billed hadrosaurid dinosaur, with a semi-circular crest shaped like a corinthian helmet, from the Cretaceous period.


Nick Cutter had a picture of a Corythosaurus in his laboratory at the Central Metropolitan University; next to pictures of Tyrannosaurus rex, Anatotitan and other prehistoric creatures. (Episode 1.1)

Real life

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Corythosaurus!

Corythosaurus (name meaning "helmet lizard") was a hadrosaurid, 'duck-billed' genus of dinosaur, which lived from approximately 77 to 76 million years ago in what is now North America. It was a large plant-eater, thought to be bipedal or semi-bipedal from its large legs and shorter forearms; and it was notable for its hollow, bony head-crest shaped like a helmet flattened at the sides, through which its nostrils ran. Many complete Corythosaurus fossils have been found since its discovery in 1911, as has fossilised skin.