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« "It's a prototype, it's not meant to be sexy." »
Connor Temple[src]

This rover was a small Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) built by Connor Temple to go through Anomalies and show the team what was on the other side via a video link. It was tank-like in appearance and had cameras and sensors to view and take atmospheric readings.


During the Hackney worksite during the Silurian incursion, Nick Cutter announced that Connor had something to show the team. Connor proudly revealed his rover... to the team's unapproval. They all thought it looked a bit flimsy but Connor claimed that it was a prototype. As the rover travelled to the Anomaly, Abby Maitland noticed that part of it consisted of her hair-dryer. Now in a desert in the past, the prototype transmitted 'live' images and atmospheric readings back to the present day, to which the team deduce that the landscape was the Silurian. Connor adjusted the camera and they spotted a girl stuck in the desert. The rover returned as Cutter and Stephen left to rescue the girl. (Episode 2.5)


  • The rover was never seen again after Episode 2.5. A possible reason was that the government/ARC never funded it like the Anomaly Detector or the Locking Device.