"Its a prototype, it's not meant to be sexy."
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The Colt .22 Target Model is a type of tranquiliser pistol.

Connor with Colt

Connor Temple holds Abby's Colt .22 Target Model after checking the shopping mall's locker room for raptors.

Abby Maitland used one during the Raptor incursion in Castle Cross Shopping Centre (Episode 2.1) as well as the Pristichampsus incursion in London (Episode 3.1) and lastly, during the Dracorex incursion at the strawberry farm. (Episode 3.7)

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Colt .22 Target Model!
It is possible Abby Maitland also used one during anomaly incursions off screen as well up until the point it was replaced like other guns with the EMDS.

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