Connor Temple: "I thought a dramatic setting might be appropriate."
Nick Cutter: "Why? Where you hoping for divine intervention?"
―Connor on his choice of location to set the trap.[src]

This church was chosen by Connor Temple as the location of his and Nick Cutter's trap to catch the traitor working for the Anomaly Research Centre. Connor, Nick and Abby Maitland staked out at the church, waiting for the traitor to arrive, who would be expecting to find an Anomaly (which was a false alert set up by Connor). While they waited; Abby and Connor sang a hymn called "All Things Bright and Beautiful".

Eventually Jenny Lewis and some Special Forces soldiers arrived and Nick confronted them thinking the former was the traitor, however Jenny revealed that Oliver Leek was behind their appearance there. The team then quickly left to get back to the ARC building. (Episode 2.6)

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