The Christine Johnson's Headquarters - Future City Anomaly is an Anomaly linking Christine Johnson's HQ in the present day, to an old church in a ruined city in the Future. Johnson's scientists monitored the Anomaly and used a cloaking device to hide it from the Anomaly Research Centre's detectors.


At some point, this Anomaly opened up in Christine Johnson's Headquarters and was contained by Johnson and her military, who then began using it to experiment with the Anomalies and Future Predators.

Episode 3.1

Captain Ross led a group of soldiers acting on Christine Johnson's orders through the Anomaly to recover the Artifact from the Future. They found it, but had to abandon it when they were attacked by a pack of Future Predators, leaving Ross to return to the Present as the only survivor.

Episode 3.4

A Future Predator was recovered (presumably via the Anomaly) by Johnson's henchmen, and was taken back to her Headquarters and studied.

Episode 3.8

Captain Joseph Wilder went into the Future through the Anomaly to capture Eve. Wilder was able to return through the Anomaly with Eve to the Present.

Episode 3.9

After taking Christine Johnson hostage, Helen Cutter took Johnson with her through Johnson's Anomaly into the Future. Helen then closed the Anomaly behind the two with an Anomaly Opening Device before the ARC team could follow them through. Moments later, the Anomaly reopened and an injured Johnson crawled halfway back through. The team tried to save Johnson, but a Future Predator dragged her back through into the Future, and the Anomaly then closed again.

Episode 3.10

Not long after Johnson's death, the Anomaly in her HQ reopened. While searching for Helen Cutter in the Future, Danny Quinn, Connor Temple and Abby Maitland found the Future side of the Anomaly, and tricked three Megopterans into going through to Johnson's HQ in order to save themselves. While Sarah Page and Hilary Becker contained the Megopteran incursion at Johnson's HQ, the Anomaly closed again.

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