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Johnson's HQ is the Headquarters of Christine Johnson.


Episode 3.4

Johnson had an operation on an anomaly located in her headquarters, linked to the Future City. She had a Future Predator taken from the anomaly and studied by scientists. However, it awoke and they were forced to flee. It attempted to attack the mirror: Wilder commented to Johnson it could sense their heartbeats behind the glass. Johnson insisted that they must find a way to acquire this power for themselves. Johnson then asked Wilder to deal with the Predator. Despite Wilder stating that the "cloaking device" would be suspended temporarily and that "the ARC will know", Johnson still ordered Wilder to go ahead and subdue the creature with electrical energy.

Now the cloaking device was down, the anomaly in her HQ was detected by the Anomaly Detection Device. The ARC team turn up though she shoos them off, insisting there is no anomaly.

Episode 3.6

Christine Johnson left her HQ to take control of the ARC as her new base of operations. However when she insulted the prime minister, she was ordered to meet him and stripped control of the ARC.

Episode 3.8

Wilder was sent through the anomaly and captured Eve, a mysterious woman from the future.

Episode 3.9

Eve was kept in the HQ and questioned by Christine, but escaped thanks to Danny. After dealling with an Embolotherium attack, the team bring her to the ARC. Here she reveals she is Helen Cutter and captures Christine and the Artefact. She takes her to the anomaly in her HQ, saying "What's the matter Christine? It's the world you made." before pushing her through the anomaly then going through the anomaly which closed on the team. Seconds later, an injured Christine came through the reopened anomaly. A Future Predator tried to drag her back as the team pulled her, when it poked it's head out of the anomaly, the team was so shocked they let go, sending Christine into the jaws of death.

Episode 3.10

The HQ was shut down due to Christine's death. It's unknown what the base is used for afterwards, as some soldiers were still there. When Danny, Connor and Abby went to the other anomaly to the future at the Race Circuit, Becker and Sarah went to Johnson's HQ as the anomaly there had reopened. In the future, the trio are chased by three Megopterans. Connor opens a door which reveals the anomaly to Johnson's HQ, which the Megopteran go through. The Megopteran kill the soldiers in the HQ, but are eventually dealt with by Becker and Sarah before the anomaly closes again.

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