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Chateau Lafite is an extremely expensive vintage wine, from a vineyard in France of the same name. Its value can range between two and ninety-six thousand pounds.


  • After they narrowly escaped a Christine Johnson-held Anomaly Research Centre, the ARC Team took up residence in an abandoned safe house. Upon inspecting the contents of the house, Danny Quinn found an old dusty bottle, which he identified as Chateau Lafite. When asked by Abby Maitland if it was valuable, he replied, saying that each bottle is worth around a thousand pounds. Later on, Danny comes under attack from a Terror Bird, but Connor Temple managed to distract it by catapulting three bottles of Chateau Lafite at the Terror Bird. As they ran to the truck, Danny griped about how much the bottles were worth.


  • The bottle originally shown with Danny Quinn is a real Chateau Lafite. It is identified as a 2001 Vintage Red.
  • If they were made in the 1930s, the three bottles that Connor used against the Terror Bird would have actually been worth much more than a thousand pounds apiece: more like twenty thousand pounds for each bottle.

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