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Cerise was an employee who worked for the Anomaly Research Centre.


After the Anomaly Research Centre's temporary closure, the organisation started rehiring old and new employees to recommence operations and Cerise appeared to be hired as an assistant for general jobs. On the day the ARC officially pronounced Abby Maitland, Connor Temple and Danny Quinn, "Missing; presumed deceased", Cerise listened to Matt Anderson's speech; as he introduced himself and rejected the idea the trio were deceased. (Webisode 1, Webisode 4)

Episode 4.1

Sometime after the Dracorex was captured in James Lester's office and had trashed the room, Cerise helped Lester clear up the mess of paperwork and damage caused by the dinosaur.

Episode 5.4

When lock-down was caused, Cerise evacuated the building. Later after the future Beetles had been killed, she was seen sweeping/clearing up.

Episode 5.6

Cerise was most fortunate to have been absent during the Mutated Future Predator incursion in the ARC as she was seen tiding up afterwards.



  • Jacqui Carroll's character was unofficially named Cerise by Ben Miller (Lester) after she tripped over filming scenes from Episode 4.1.