The Brooks house Anomaly was an Anomaly linking an abandoned house in the present day to the Future.


1995 Incursion

The Anomaly originally opened up in 1995. A Camouflage Beast came through and attacked a trio of teenagers who had broken into the house. Ryan Mason escaped the house, (Episode 3.2) and Patrick Quinn fled through the Anomaly into the home of the Camo Beasts. The Anomaly closed some time later, leaving Patrick trapped in the future, (Episode 4.7) and the Camo Beast marooned in the present. The Camouflage Beast was fed by a girl called Emily, so it wouldn't attack people or animals. (Episode 3.2)

2009 Incursion

In 2009, fourteen years after the Anomaly first opened, it reopened and the Camouflage Beast which came through in 1995 returned through. However, the Camo Beast jumped back through the Anomaly into the present and attacked the team. Danny Quinn then shot the Beast several times, causing it to fall back through the Anomaly. It is unknown whether or not the creature survived.

Shortly after, Becker and his men barricaded the house to prevent any more creatures that came through the Anomaly from escaping.


  • In the flashbacks to the 1995 incursion, the Anomaly opened upstairs; but when it reopened, it was downstairs, in the living room.

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