Brooke Cross was Evan Cross' wife. She was killed by an Albertosaurus in 2006, and her death had a profound impact on Evan for years to come.


It was indicated that Brooke was born on May 20, 1980. (Truth) At some point in her life, Brooke met and married Evan Cross. Brooke also knew Evan's friend and business partner Angelika Finch. (Fear of Flying)

On September 15, 2006, Brooke and Evan were driving back home from a vacation on an island when Evan discovered magnetic interference at a restricted facility for lease using his mobile phone. Evan entered the facility and investigated with a reluctant Brooke, and there the two came across an Anomaly.

Evan told Brooke to wait at the door while Evan had a closer look at the Anomaly, and a few moments later, an Albertosaurus arrived and attacked them. Before Evan could reach and save Brooke, the Albertosaurus killed her and devoured most of her lower body. (The New World, Truth, The Inquisition, The Sound of Thunder: Part 1The Sound of Thunder: Part 2)


Following Brooke's death, Evan covered the Albertosaurus incursion up as a bear attack (Fear of Flying) and the Vancouver Police Department made a report of the crime scene. (Sisiutl, The Inquisition) Brooke's death would also haunt Evan for years after the incident.

Other references


Evan's photo of Brooke (The New World

Evan had a picture of Brooke in his office at the tank. (Primeval: New World)

The New World

Evan had a flash back of Brooke's death and the events before. Evan initial hid a strange broken device belonging to the alternate Mac Rendell, in the large frame of Brooke's photo before Connor Temple found and took it.


Lieutenant Ken Leeds mentioned to Evan that he had read the police report of Brooke's death.

Fear of Flying

When Evan and Dylan Weir were discussing Brooke, Evan confessed the truth behind it to Dylan.

Clean Up on Aisle Three

When a grieving Mac Rendell was angry that the Special Projects Group wasn't using deadly force against the creatures, Evan tried to sympathise with him as he too had lost a loved one (Brooke) to the creatures.


After Evan was exposed to natural hallucinogens from a Pachycephalosaurus, he began suffering flashbacks of Brooke's death, and at one point hallucinated Ange as Brooke.


Police photos of Brooke's corpse. (The Inquisition)

The Inquisition

Dylan Weir and Toby Nance discovered that Leeds had a copy of the Police report of Brooke's death including photos.

Leeds mentioned to Colonel Henderson Hall that an Albertosaurus ate Evan's wife before correcting himself saying "Well, most of her". Later when discussing the future and Cross Photonics' involvement in the Anomaly operation, Colonel Hall accused Evan of mishandling and abusing the Anomaly technology as a futile attempt to make amends for Brooke's death.

The Sound of Thunder: Part 1

When Evan travelled to 2006 six hours before Brooke's death by the Albertosaurus, he was initially tempted to save Brooke and avert her death, but was convinced against it and left.


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