This bay was located in a rural area of British Columbia, and was apparently located on an oil source and was the site of a recurring Anomaly for centuries.


Little was known about the bay's past, but it was believed to be centuries old at least. Dylan Weir speculated that an underwater Anomaly in the bay had been recurring for centuries throughout the Late Holocene, and a Titanoboa had been travelling through between the bay and its home whenever the Anomaly was open.


In early 2012, Merison Oil were attempting to mine the bay for oil and built a tanker loading facility on the bay for this, but this sparked a land dispute between Merison Oil and the upset locals. At this time, the Anomaly in the bay was open, and the Titanoboa came through into the bay and attacked and devoured two Merison Oil water surveyers.

When the Special Projects Group came to investigate and discovered the Titanoboa and the underwater Anomaly in the bay, Evan Cross sent Mac Rendell to take a motorboat out onto the bay and isolate the Anomaly, and also had Toby Nance cover the incursion up and declare the bay off-limits. At around the same time, the Titanoboa left the bay and went onto land and entered the local storm drains.

Later on, when the Anomaly began to weaken, Evan and Toby had Mac use the infrasound from his boat's motor to draw the Titanoboa back into the bay and to the Anomaly. Mac subsequently used a box filled with vibrating electrical items to draw the Titanoboa back through the Anomaly, which then closed.

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