The Britannia Beach copper mine - Spaghetti Junction Anomaly was an Anomaly linking an abandoned copper mine on Britannia Beach on 9 June, 2012 to a Spaghetti Junction in the Cretaceous period.


The Sound of Thunder: Part 1

When this Anomaly opened, a Brontoscorpio used it to travel between Britannia Beach and the Spaghetti Junction, until the Cross Photonics Special Projects Group found the Anomaly and forced the Brontoscorpio back through into the Spaghetti Junction.

Shortly afterwards, Evan Cross, Dylan Weir and Ken Leeds went through the Anomaly into the Spaghetti Junction. Evan and Dylan had Leeds return through the Anomaly to the present to stop Project Magnet finding out about the Spaghetti Junction, while the former two remained in the Junction to find the Brontoscorpio.

The Sound of Thunder: Part 2

After Project Magnet secured the Anomaly, a large search-and-rescue squad of soldiers led by Colonel Henderson Hall went through to bring Evan and Dylan back, and brought the two back through the Anomaly to the present with them from the Spaghetti Junction, along with a tranquilised Albertosaurus, and Connor Temple and Kieran Coles.

Connor and Kieran were ultimately allowed to return to the Spaghetti Junction through the Anomaly and make their way from there back to their time. Evan, Dylan and Mac Rendell later chased the Albertosaurus back through the Anomaly with flamethrowers. When all the Anomalies in the Spaghetti Junction began to close due to a change in the timeline, Evan and Dylan ran back to the Anomaly, and it is unknown whether or not they managed to return through to the present before it closed.


  • Toby Nance mentioned while she was hospitalised from Brontoscorpio poisoning in The Sound of Thunder: Part 2 that this Anomaly's closing time was twelve hours (though this was presumably changed when a change in the timeline caused all the Anomalies in the Spaghetti Junction to close).

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