A bomb is a term used to describe an explosive device that can be used as an offensive or defensive weapon. Bombs are designed to explode in order to injure/kill people or to damage/destroy property.


Episode 2.6

Just before Oliver Leek was revealed as a traitor of the Anomaly Research Centre, he placed a Ford Transit van inside the ARC. Attached to the base of the van was a two-minute timer bomb, which would activate if his personal files were accessed via the Anomaly Detection Device. Leek told Helen Cutter of his plan, to which she scolded him. Later on, when Leek's files were accessed, the timer on the bomb started counting down. Fortunately Nick Cutter noticed the red light from the timer and evacuated the ARC, he and Connor Temple planned to defuse the bomb by cutting the wires. Not sure which wire to cut, as they were all red, Cutter disconnected the van's battery in the last second of the timer which disabled the bomb.

Episode 3.3

In an attempt to avert a desolate future where humanity was extinct due the a future ARC creating the Future Predators, Helen Cutter brought a bomb to the ARC, planning to destroy it before they could create the future. Helen ordered a clone of her husband to detonate the bomb after she had time to escape. Her actually husband; Nick Cutter tried to convince his clone not to detonate it, though he only managed to make it give him time to escape. The bomb minorly damaged the ARC but not the structure, destroyed the Matrix and killed all of Helen's clone army but despite all that, all ARC personnel escaped, the ADD was fully repaired and the organisation continued.

Episode 4.4

Connor Temple and two students: Steve and Darren, stopped a Therocephalian attack in McKinnon School by creating home-made gas bombs in the science lab and used them on the creature's nest.

Episode 4.6

Ethan Dobrowski set up a booby-trap bomb in his temporary flat to kill any intruders after he abandoned it. Captain Becker entered the flat and set off a trip wire which activated the bomb by dropping a counter weight. Fortunately he caught the weight but in turn, could not move without activating the bomb. Jess Parker, who was waiting for Becker downstairs, became curious and entered the flat to find her crush trapped. Becker then instructed her on how to disarm the bomb for him, to which she just managed to do before he dropped the counter weight.

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