The Boeing 747-200 is a large multi-purpose jet aircraft. It has a wingspan of nearly 60 metres, and a weight of 174,000 kilograms. It is manufactured by Boeing Aerospace Company, based in the United States.


Episode 3.4

Several 747s appear on the ground and in the air at an airport. One is seen taxiing off of the runway at the airport while a massive anomaly opened in one of the hangars. Upon the ARC Team's arrival to the airport, a 747 flies over Jenny Lewis and Connor Temple as they exchange dialogue. After the ARC Team arrives at the airport, a Giganotosaurus comes through an anomaly, and charges down the runway. It subsequently attacks the parked 747 cargo plane, identified as a 747-236B. It attempts to eat several of the crew members, sticking its head into the cargo bay. Then it turned its attention on Captain Becker, who runs under the plane after shooting the Giganotosaurus multiple times. It then takes interest in the nose of the plane, peering into the cockpit and startling the pilots. It bashes the plane with its head, before it once again refocuses, this time on Jenny, who has gotten back into the truck. It attacks her, but she escapes by exiting the passenger-side door. Connor Temple eventually draws the dinosaur away from the plane by using a nearby tug.


  • This particular 747-200 was once part of the British Airways fleet, but has since been retired. It is currently based at Dunsfold Aerodrome.
  • Primeval is not the only film this particular jet has been in. It has been in multiple films, TV shows, and video games, including Casino Royale, Forza 4, RED 2, and Spooks. It also appears in BBC's Top Gear on multiple occasions, as it is based at their test track.

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