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Black Box
Historical information
Object type Tracking device
Creator/origin Anomaly Research Centre
Production information
Appearances S4 Prequel Episode 5
Series 4
Series 5
The New World
The Sound of Thunder: Part 2
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The Black Boxes were devices used by the Anomaly Research Centre, after its revival, to monitor all field team members.


The Black Boxes were named after their small box like shape and black colour, being around 5cm by 7cm by 1cm with a clip on the back and disconnectable wires on top. The Boxes, worn by field agents, were able to be globally tracked by the Anomaly Detection Device to see the exactly position of each person, and record audio of what the person is saying and other sounds. Therefore a field agent could comunicate with a field coordinator, via a small silver earpiece and they could be monitored for safety. The Black Boxes were unable to be tracked if they travelled through an Anomaly.

ARC field agents had around three Black Boxes each and one was suposed to be worn at all time, even when not working. They could be manually disabledif needed. (S4 Prequel Episode 5). The Boxes appeared be charged via a port on the ADD and information recorded could be downloaded onto the hub. (Episode 4.2 )


Three black boxes on a counter-top at Matt Anderson's flat.


Series 4 Prequel Webisodes


Series 4


Series 5


The New World and The Sound of Thunder: Part 2


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