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« "Hold out your wrist. Your Id. Matches a reading of your skin, scan doors to gain entry and it won't work for anyone else if you lose it" »
— Jess Parker identifying Matt Anderson[src]
« "This is your bio-tag Id.. It contains all of your physical data and security clearance levels. Its impossible to fake a copy. Try it." »
— Jess Parker identifying Abby Maitland.[src]

The Bio-tag Identifier was a identification and security device that opened doors in the second Anomaly Research Centre.


These security devices, resembling a slap wristband, were used to open doors, in the ARC, by swiping it over sensor panels positioned next to every door. The tag wrapped around each staff members wrist. As they were biometricly linked to each individual person, only the intended user could activate doors. It was apparently impossible to fake a copy.


Webisode 3

Jess Parker gave the Matt Anderson his own bio-tag and explained how to use it and how it worked.

Episode 4.2

Jess gave Abby Maitland her own bio-tag and explained to her on how to use it and how it works.

Series 4 and Series 5

The bio-tags were often seen being used by ARC staff to access doors in the Anomaly Research Centre.

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