Beth was a student at McKinnon School. She was in a Saturday morning detention with teacher Mr George, along with classmates Steve and Darren. Mr George went to use a vending machine but never returned. The teenagers saw this an opportunity to get out of the detention, and started walking around the school.

Beth went to to the gym to go on the trampolines, but unknown to her a prehistoric creature was in there with her (a Therocephalian that had come through an Anomaly, and it was the same one that had killed Mr. George). The ARC team were in the building, trying to stop the creature, but Steve and Darren had hacked into the school security system, locking all the doors. The ARC team were unable to reach her in time, and Beth was killed by the Therocephalian. When they survived the incursion, Steve and Darren took down the video they had posted of Beth's talent show audition.

Her death greatly affected ARC field coordinator Jess Parker, showing her that the creatures really are very dangerous. It convinced her not to go ahead with Abby's plan of smuggling out all the creatures in the ARC menagerie to avoid them being put down. Luckily, thanks to Lester's intervention, all of the creatures, including Rex, were saved. (Episode 4.4)

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