The Behind the Scenes Featurettes are a series of 10 short videos featuring cast and crew on the production of the first 10 episodes of Primeval: New World. According to the DVD/Blu-ray of this series, there was supposed to be 13 featurettes (one for each episode) but the final three episodes do not have a corresponding featurette.


Episode 101 - Base Jump

Director Martin Wood talks about the very first Primeval New World episode, specifically the opening scene of the base jumping.

Episode 102 - On Location

Niall Matter and Director Andy Mikita talk about being on location for the second episode, and all the great filming locations around Vancouver.

Episode 103 - Fire Burn

Stunt Coordinator Marshall Virtue talks about the stunt with the fire blankets, including the safety procedures and how they used several takes to achieve one scene in the third episode.

Episode 104 - All Aboard

Andy Mikita talks about filming the drug grow up in the fourth episode with actor Patrick Gilmore and Kett Turton.

Episode 105 - How to Fight a Creature

Danny Rahim talks about the mentality and physicality of fighting a imaginary creature for filming the fifth episode.

Episode 106 - Amanda Tapping Directs

Director Amanda Tapping talks about how the relationships between the character is just as important as the creatures. Danny Rahim compliments Amanda's directing.

Episode 107 - Hunting Dinos with Ange

Miranda Frigon and Andy Mikita talk about filming the dinosaur hunting scenes up in the mountains for the seventh episode.

Episode 108 - Interview with a Dino

Danny Rahim talks about filming the eighth episode and he interviews the Pachycephalosaurus stand-in and Geoff Gustafson.

Episode 109 - A Day at the Skatepark

Andy Mikita talks about filming the opening montage of the skaters at the skatepark. Danny Rahim and Crystal Lowe talk about their characters; Mac Rendell and Toby Nance.

Episode 110 - Chasing Dinosaurs

Dan Payne talks about filming the soldiers trying to catch the Terror Bird in the sports arena. He compliments Amanda Tapping's directing. He and Geoff Gustafon talk about their characters, Major Douglas and Lt. Ken Leeds.

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