The BMW 5 Series is a mid-sized executive saloon car, built from 1972-present by German car company, BMW.


Episode 3.7

At a junkyard, a crane operator dismantled a red 1991 E34 520i, just before a Dracorex came through an anomaly there. Later on, when Sir William de Mornay came through the anomaly, he was startled by all of the machinery that surrounded him. One of the cranes was once again, tearing apart a red 520i.


A BMW 520i is dismantled at a junkyard.

Episode 4.1

As a Spinosaurus is forced into stadium by a determined ARC Team, an E60 5 Series, possibly an M5, is seen in the car park.

Episode 4.3

A black E34 5 Series is seen in the foreground as Matt Anderson and Emily Merchant pursue a Tree Creeper.

Episode 5.5

When Convergence began to take shape, Connor Temple and Philip Burton set off for the New Dawn Facility in Connor's black 5 Series, but got caught up in traffic. Philip, knowing a shortcut, directed Connor to take the Stanley Street Car Park to bypass two city blocks. As Connor and Philip sped through the car park, neither of the two were aware that an anomaly had opened in the car park, letting through a Kaprosuchus. The Kaprosuchus attacked Connor's BMW, shattering the windscreen and causing it to roll onto its roof. The accident left Connor's legs stuck under the steering column, and Philip slightly disoriented. Connor then confronted Philip, revealing that the machine would not save the world, but in fact, would cause the world to end. Philip didn't believe it, and when Connor attempted to shoot Philip with an EMD, Philip revealed that he had taken the EMD's power box out. He set it just beyond Connor's reach, and left the car park. Connor dismantled one of the BMW's speakers, finding a magnet behind it. He used the magnet to reach the EMD's power box, but after he managed to snag it, the Kaprosuchus regained interest in his car. Connor called Abby Maitland, who had just finished dealing with a Precambrian Worm incursion at an infant school, and described the situation. She shortly arrived at the car park, and found the Kaprosuchus attacking the BMW. She lured it away, and with a combination of a few well placed EMD shots, and a Mitsubishi L-200, she managed to take down the Kaprosuchus. Abby got a crowbar out of the car's boot, and managed to extract Connor from the dilapidated car (Episode 5.5).


  • BMW often names their cars after their engine sizes. For instance, a 520i is a 5 Series with a 2.0 litre engine, and a 535i is a 5 Series with a 3.5 litre engine, and so on.

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