The BMW 328i (E36) is a mid-sized executive saloon, built from 1990-1998 by German car company, BMW. It features a 190 horsepower straight-six engine, and could go from 0 to 97 kilometers per hour in just under seven and a half seconds


Episode 2.6

During rush hour on the M25, an anomaly opened to the late Pleistocene epoch, allowing a Columbian Mammoth to come through. A woman called Dina was driving in her 328i to a local airport, with her son Jake sitting in the back. She was annoyed by the traffic, but became perplexed when a mob of people came running out of their cars. The reason for their panic soon became apparent, as the Mammoth tossed several vehicles out of the way with its tusks, before attacking Dina's BMW. During the attack, it sustained heavy damage to the front end, and the airbag deployed, rendering Dina unconscious. After she was woken by her son's cries, she realised that her legs were stuck under the steering column. A man attempted to help her, but while he went to his car, the Mammoth attacked him. He was thrown through the air and onto the bonnet of Dina's 328i, and was killed by the impact. By the time the ARC Team arrived on scene, Dina and her son were panicking. Nick Cutter realised that if they just stood by, the Mammoth would possibly kill them, so he rushed the car. He had brought with him a piston to lift the steering column off of Dina's legs, but while he was pumping it up, Dina screamed, alerting the Mammoth to their presence. It once again attacked the car, thrusting one of its massive tusks through the rear window. The mammoth lifted the car clear of the ground, before dropping it on its roof. It continued its assault on the car by repeatedly stepping on it, Connor Temple and Jake diverted the creature's attention by using the horn of a nearby lorry. Cutter managed to safely extract Dina from the car, and take her to a safer area.

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