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Audio commentaries are additional behind the scenes audio track consisting of a lecture or comments by one or more speakers, that plays over the soundtrack, in real time alongside a television show or movie. There are five known audio commentaries for Primeval, three of which were hosted by co-creator, producer; Tim Haines and four by co-creator, writer; Adrian Hodges.

Series 2

Director: Jamie Payne joined Hodges and Haines for these commentaries. The commentaries can be found on the Series 2 DVD.

Episode 2.1 commentary highlights

  • At the Castle Cross Shopping Mall, Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart were to ride down some escalators on their dirt-bike, but the scene was cut due to filming schedules. The Bentall Centre even gave the Primeval crew permission to film it.
  • Haines and Hodges wanted the Raptors to have feathers but due to animation limitations, only proto-feathers could be animated. The producers were happy with the result anyway.
  • It was planned by Hodges that Cutter was to be suicidal when he travelled to the Cretaceous but his actor; Douglas Henshall suggested that Cutter would rather try to fix the timeline rather than die.
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Episode 2.4 commentary highlights

  • The sky for the future shoreline was going to be animated red but production costs could not allow it, so it remained blue, however lightning was still added.
  • Naomi Bentley split her pants while filming her character fly-kicking a punching bag.
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Series 3

Episode 3.3 Commentary highlights

Actor: Andrew-Lee Potts joined Haines and Hodges for this commentary

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Episode 3.5 commentary highlights

Actors; Ben Miller, Lucy Brown and Series Producer: Tim Bradley hosted this commentary. Actor; Jason Flemyng joined momentarily at the end.

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Episode 3.10 commentary highlights

Tim Bradley and Jason Flemyng joined Hodges for this commentary.

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