The Anomaly Dating Calculator is a device created by Connor Temple, which, when activated and pointed at an Anomaly, determines the exact year that the Anomaly links to.


Episode 4.7

Abby Maitland saw the Anomaly Dating Calculator in Connor Temple's lab, and Connor explained to her what it does. He later took it to an Anomaly site at a prison, and used it on the Anomaly there.

Unbeknownst to the team at the time, the Anomaly was actually two that had opened on the exact same spot; the Dating Calculator correctly registered that one of the two Anomalies led to the Victorian age. However, the team came to doubt the Dating Calculator worked when a Terror Bird came through the other Anomaly.

After the two merged Anomalies were separated, Connor used the Dating Calculator on each one. The first Anomaly linked to the Pliocene epoch, and the second to 1867, proving that the Dating Calculator was indeed correct.

Episode 5.3

The calculator was used on the Anomaly at the Liverpool art museum.


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