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Ancient Egypt
Geographical information
Creatures Human
Places Egypt
Sudan (Nubia)
Known Anomalies Sun Cage Anomaly
Chronological information
Time c.3150 BC - 31 BC
Part of Holocene epoch
Preceded by N/A
Followed by Roman times
Production information
Appearances Episode 3.1 (mentioned)
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Ancient Egypt was a time period, lasting around 3120 years. It took place in Egypt. The Egyptians were probably one of the most succesfull civilisations ever to exist.

In Primeval

An anomaly to the Eocene opened in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians, believing it was a section of the sun, created a cage made out of Magnetite, the most magnetic rock on Earth, to contain it. At least a Pristichampsus came through the Sun Cage. The Egyptians created the legend of the goddess Ammut and worshipped it.

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Ancient Egypt!

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