Anatotitan is a genus of flat-headed or hadrosaurid ornithopod dinosaur from the very end of the Cretaceous Period.

Incursions and Encounters

Extinction Event

At least one herd of Anatotitan came through a recurring Anomaly to present day Tunguska, Siberia from the Cretaceous some years before the K-T event.

In 2007, around two years later, the Tunguska research team, Nick Cutter, Connor Temple and Abby Maitland saw the herd as they stampeded and trumpeted through the forest when they were spooked by a predator. Later, after a meteorite impact, many Anatotitan died from shock or asphyxiation and some Troodon, Didelphodon and other prehistoric mammals started eating the corpses. After the Cretaceous Anomaly closed, there was presumably Anatotitan left roaming in the Siberian woods but the Tunguska research team said they would round up all of the remaining erratic (creatures).

In the Cretaceous, Jenny Lewis, Jake Hemple, Helen Cutter and the other Special Forces soldiers witnessed a Tyrannosaurus rex attack another herd of Anatotitan and kill one of them. Eventually, like all of the Dinosaurs, Anatotitan were wipeout when a large meteorite colliding with the Earth.


  • Anatotitan previously appeared in Walking with Dinosaurs also made by Impossible Pictures. In fact, the T-rex killing one of them near the river is possibly a reference to Walking with Dinosaurs.
  • Anatotitan is the only hadrosaur the team encounters.
  • Anatotitan has recently been discovered to be simply a mature Edmontosaurus.
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