Ammonites were a group of marine cephalopod molluscs with flattened, streamlined, discus-shaped shells, which lived in the open water of ancient seas from the Devonian to the Cretaceous.


Episode 1.1

An Ammonite was left for Nick Cutter in his office at the Central Metropolitan University, by his wife Helen, as a calling card, although it appeared to be dying out of the water. What happened to the Ammonite is unknown, as Cutter chose to keep Helen's reappearance a secret.

Episode 2.7

Helen left a fossilised Ammonite on Stephen Hart's grave after his funeral.

Real life

Ammonites were a group of marine cephalopods, which first appeared 400 million years ago and died out in the K-T mass extinction event 65 million years ago. They were known for their shells' spiral shape and loose resemblance to a closed ram horn.

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