Africa is a continent on Earth, located below Europe, to the left of Asia.


It is very likely that the Cretaceous forest where Connor and Abby were stranded for a year, was located in Africa because Spinosaurus and Theropods similar to Carcharodontosaurus were seen, and they are native to Africa. (Episode 3.10)

Africa, particularly central eastern Africa, is widely regarded to be the origin of Humans and their family, Hominids in the Pliocene.

In an attempt to avert the Future Predators' future creation and change the future, Helen Cutter travelled to Site 333 in the Great Rift Valley on a mission to kill the early Australopithecus so that Humanity would not evolve to create the Predators in the first place. Helen found a group of thirteen Australopithecus and killed them by poisoning the river they drank from. Danny Quinn later found the Australopithecus' bodies, and comforted one of them as it died. Later, after Helen's death by a Raptor that had followed her through an Anomaly, Danny found a large group of more Australopithecus in the Pliocene, ensuring humanity's survival. (Episode 3.10)

Thousands of years ago, the Ancient Egyptian civilisation in northern Africa was one of the most advanced civilisations in the world at the time. An anomaly, the Egyptians, believing it to be the Sun, encased it in the Magnetite Sun Cage. The creatures from the Eocene that came through it were regarded as gods, with a Pristichampsus being mistaken for the demon Ammut. (Episode 3.1)

Danny Quinn and James Lester of the Anomaly Research Centre travelled to South Africa, when creatures started appearing in a safari park. (Fire and Water)

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Africa!

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