"It was never going to be a four star hotel, now was it?" -Danny Quinn

The Abandoned War Cabin was a cabin that housed a team of military scientists as they experimented with mines in 1936. They were led by John Mortimer. At some point, an anomaly leading to the Pleistocene opened on the property and a flock of Terror Birds came through and apparently attacked and killed the entire team.

In 2009, Danny Quinn, Connor Temple, Abby Maitland and Sarah Page used the cabin as a place to hide from Christine Johnson and her men. However, the anomaly reopened and a flock of Terror Birds came through and attacked the team. Danny was able to use a recording of the Terror Birds' distress call to lure them back through the anomaly before it closed. Danny, Connor, Abby and Sarah were then found and arrested by Becker and taken back to the ARC.

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